Its whats for dinner

2 November
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lalala i love slash if you didnt guess by the screen name. i write on fanfiction.net but by a different name. my best friend thinks im a total nerd (and she's right), and i think shes a DQ but we love eachother xD. i come off as preppy and bubbly in this thing i know. im 15, 16 in november (yay) i am very sensitive, but only on a personal level, like i dont care about say race jokes or 'girls are stupid' JOKES, i get offended if its actually like a statement or something. I'm very liberal. Pro Gay marriage, pro abortion (doesnt mean i would fyi), humanitarian, i value most human life, i think vegetarians and vegans got their own thing goin on but i like my meat and i dont think im hurting anyone by eating my cow XD, im very concerned about the earth's atmosphere and the environment, PETA is ridiculous, but you shouldnt hurt your animals... uh i think thats about it other than the fact that i dont really publish here, i really just rant about how jerkish my life is. eh now im going to pretend this bio doesnt exist...