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Writer's Block: Learning Curve

It's said that you learn something new every day. What did you learn today?

i learned that my account is being purged because I'm inactive! but i just don't post often XD very worried... it said just log in to have it not purged because they're deleting inactive accounts, so i hope i caught it in time :o

and i do a lot on lj! just not post... which is the main function XD i post in my communities.... :D maybe this is fanfiction trying to get me to write something, but i don't like my writing so i don't see why i would. maybe i should just answer the daily question every day :o

Oh the Humiliation

fill for this prompt on the STXI kink meme, i've been hanging out there a bunch lately...:

Kirk/Spock + rugburn, Kirk has rugburn in interesting places.


"I'm telling you, Bones, it was not my idea to fuck there! Spock felt the need to poke me at an inopportune time and i just bent ov--"

"SHUT UP. I don't care for the specifics, I don't know why i let you go on for as long as you did, and i don't think I'm going to heal this!" McCoy huffed and put away the dermal regenerator, he had it out to heal a 'grave injury' Jim had spoken about on the comm.

Jim winced as he stood from the office couch and rubbed his sore bum and burning lower back and upper thighs.

"Bones, I hurt so bad its not even funny... not even remotely! Spock's been acting weird lately, really territorial like. Don't know if I should do something about it; he doesn't really hurt me on purpose anyway... Come to think of it, maybe we should have commandeered that table in that ready room. Certainly would have been more comfortable than that terrible shag carpeting those Dinobularians were sporting," He hissed as the rough material of the uniform pants scratched terribly against his still sensitive skin.

Bones' nose wrinkled and he gruffly threw a bottle of Gold Bond.

"Slather some of that on the burn and it might help, and if it doesn't get some Aloe Vera. I think Sulu has an Aloe plant growing in the botany labs."

Jim grinned and gave him a tight hug, resting his cheek on McCoy's shoulder for a moment.

"Thanks Bones... I don't know what I'd do if you didn't like Spock... probably waste away somewhere not knowing who to pick," Bones' face softened and he hugged the shmoopy man back.

"If I didn't support you, what kind of friend would I be? He makes you happy, you make him happy, neither of you are into spousal abuse... no problem with the relationship..."

Jim sighed and dug his nose a little deeper into McCoy's neck for a moment, then the door slid open to a totally-not-surprised-because-he's-Vulcan Vulcan.

"Jim, would you care to remove yourself from Dr. McCoy? In my current... condition I'm not overly fond of you being unnecessarily close to any rival mates," his eyebrow climbed higher onto his forehead when Jim squeezed Bones one more time and then walked over to him to give him a kiss.

"Alright then, Spock, please lead us back to your or my quarters... I feel some steamy sex coming my way and we better hunker down for the storm. See you later Bones!" Jim trounced out of Sick Bay and Spock squinted his eyes in a not jealous manner before following. Bones rolled his eyes and did a face-desk, intent on completing a few more documents before turning in.


Check Yes or No

(in a response to this prompt here: When it comes to getting people in bed, Kirk knows exactly what to do. With Spock, Kirk doesn't want just sex. The only way he remembers how to court a person to start a relationship is leaving notes around for them to find.

eg. "Do you like Kirk? Circle Y/N.")


This was odd. This certain replicator in the cafeteria must regularly attend to nearly 100 crew members by this hour in the day, which raises the question of why a note-addressed to me- is attached to it with no disturbance.

It is only logical to view what is mine, so I take it in my hands and break the thin seal betwixt the two sides of paper hiding the message. A most fascinating note this is.

"Mr. Spock, do you experience attraction of both mind and body towards a Captain James T. Kirk? Check yes or no."

Most fascinating... and curious. Only a meddlesome crew member would want to know the answer to this question, and if not some wary ensign then the Captain himself. I debate checking either box and instead tuck it into my back pocket for further deliberation after breakfast.

After breakfast I proceeded to the bridge and continued my work from the previous day. I regret to say that the note in my pocket prevented me from assigning full concentration as due to my studies... which is why I did not work through lunch and instead proceeded back to the accursed replicator that began this mess.

I took my place next to Nyota, as usual, and presented the note to her for advice. Though we had terminated our relationship 9 months previous, we were still compatible enough to be friends. As she looks over the note, I gaze around the mess hall and my eyes land on the Captain. He's sitting next to his friend, the doctor, and they're talking about something that apparently needs much concentration. It is not every day that the Jim looks so serious.

Nyota tells me that she is sure, as I was, that the Captain has written the note. Her reasoning is sound, though with different information than I had. She says that the Captain has looked at me as a romantic venture for quite some time. Ever since she and I had ended our relationship. She expresses doubt that he is doing it as a worthless venture because he has since stopped his gallivanting and promiscuity. She believes he is genuine in his perseverance, and though I am slightly perturbed I find I am somewhat pleased.

Jim's eyes have strayed to our table a total of 19.5 times in the course of our hour lunch, the .5 being from his slight looking up but then glancing away when he saw me looking back.

I meet Jim in the 6th deck recreation room after I discover another note in my shower, that which I share with the Captain in our shared bathing quarters. It has become increasingly obvious over the past week since the original note that the Captain has been dispensing them. I have found a note in my shower, on my door, the science station, the turbolift on our floor, and multiple times on a replicator in the mess, respectively.

After a leisurely game of chess in which the rest of the crew slowly filters out of the recroom, I broach the subject of the notes with him.

"Captain, I believe I am being stalked," Jim chokes as I say this. He looks up concernedly at my face.

"Stalked, Spock?"

I shift my eyes from the chess board to him, he has started perspiring slightly.

"I am of the opinion that one of the crew has infiltrated my routine schedule and is following me, leaving notes pertaining to my relationship with you. In order to prevent this from happening, I have attempted to discourage them by not responding but it only seems to make the notes become more frequent. I suggest a monitoring system, the computer will have known who has been following me," I gauge his reaction and note that his complexion has darkened to a dark pink and his perspiring has heightened.

"I don't think that will be necessary Mr. Spock. I know who has been leaving the notes, I've just chosen not to say anything."

"Why not Captain? would it not be logical to prevent me from being followed by a radical fanatic?"

"Um... don't you think that's a pretty irrational accusation? I wouldn't say radical..."

"Not at all Captain. They are following my routine to a T, and I fear soon I will not have any personal space at all."

Jim laughed nervously. This I find slightly amusing, he cannot possibly know that I know he has been writing the notes.

"Well... what if I told you that the notes would stop if you wanted them to?"

"I would find this very upsetting should they stop, Captain. They have helped me notice my growing affections toward you. If they stop, I would only hope that something new were to begin," during my speech, Jim's eyes have gradually grown in circumference until they are the size of the archaic American half dollar coins.

"y-you would, would you?"

"yes, I find it most reassuring that you are experiencing these reactions to my insinuations. It seems that you too were hoping for my acquiescence of a relationship with my person... am I correct in this assumption?"

He didn't respond for some time. His hands had found their way to his face and refused to move though I stared at them with the utmost heat. Eventually I reached up with my own hands and removed his from his face, gazing into his startlingly blue eyes that had a strange mist covering them. He blinked a few times but gave me a smile. The smile transformed into the patented James T. Kirk grin, full of confidence and radiant happiness.

"So... we're together now, is that it? I was expecting a little more pomp, ya know. a little more flare and maybe a kiss on the bridge or another choking session when you turned me dow--" I silenced his nervous rambling with a kiss.


Accidents, an HTTYD fanfic

Ok, Gwidlet has convinced me to write this so I’m doing it in her honor I guess :)

Full Summary: Hiccup falls off of Toothless while giving a demonstrational ride for everyone- they can’t have learned how to ride a dragon already! He’s only been out for what? Maybe a week or two. Guarantee there’s at least half the village that would like to see the first Viking to ride a dragon ride his dragon, right? xD

Anyway, accident happens, crash, ocean, stuff, yeah.


The Island of Berk: 12 days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death.

A lean little Viking picked his damaged form gingerly out of bed. His new leg was still quite new and he was still getting used to the feel of his tender flesh being pushed at every time he took a step- not to say he wasn’t glad to just be alive, but really? This sucked.

Hiccup huffed and ‘stomped’ over to his bedroom door, stepping down the stairs like a toddler and for once not tripping down the stairs. Casting a look about the ground floor of their humble hut, he noted that neither his father nor his best friend were in the room. ‘Oh well,’ he thought. ‘I’m sure they’re both wandering around in the village.’

He quickly ate breakfast, giddy to go out today. His How to Ride Your Dragon class was starting today for a lot of the villagers who still couldn’t get the hang of riding their respective dragons--no others were Night Furies—and needed a little instruction. They were only too happy to take said direction from the chief’s eccentric son.

The auburn haired boy walked across the village toward the former Training Center, intent on finding Toothless beforehand so he could attach his new harness to him. There were no new adjustments; it was just made of stronger and lighter leather…dragon hide. He of course wouldn’t tell Toothless this—or any of the other dragons for that matter—but it was some of the toughest material he could get. They needed all the help they could get while riding, both of them being crippled now.

A black mass suddenly impeded his vision, “Toothless! Ow! Get off of me!” Hiccups fragile form crumpled under the full weight of a Night Fury tackle. Toothless licked his face affectionately before jumping off of him and sitting ramrod straight—much like he had the day Hiccup had offered him a fish.

Hiccup ungracefully shouldered himself off of the ground and pat Toothless on the head, “Thank you, Toothless, I was looking for you anyway,” He smiled to show his gratitude at the great beast he called a best friend.

“Do you know where my dad is? I’m sure he’ll want to see my first flight on you since everyone’s been aware of…minus the Great Battle, don’t you think?” Toothless nodded his massive head enthusiastically, ready to catapult himself and Hiccup into the air, eager to feel the wind rushing by his face and through his wings with the boy’s light weight on his back.

“I thought so, but here, I made you a new harness!” Hiccup smiled and quickly snapped the thing around the mighty dragon while he diligently held still. ‘Hmmm, this covering is lighter than the other one…’ Toothless thought and shook his whole body just because he could.

“Awesome, buddy, now let’s go. We’re already late,” He started a brisk pace toward the nearby center, Toothless galloping near him in case he fell.

Finally at the Training Center

A crowd of early-bird Vikings stood already in the pit of the arena, ready to take on their first dragon ride—but first, a show from the first rider in history. Everyone was very excited. None of the teenagers were there, already having mastered the art of riding and off hunting with their own dragons. Even Stoic the Vast was there to see his son ride, and then perhaps gain a dragon of his own. He would, surely, need a large dragon. One full of pride and power, fit for the chief of the tribe of Hairy Hooligans.

The much awaited pair blew in unannounced, and toppled some training gear in the process.
“Sorry, I overslept,” Hiccup raked his eyes over the medium sized crowd assembled before him, “I didn’t realize so many people were waiting for me.”

Stoic stepped forward, always the first one to confront his son, “Hiccup we’ve only been here for 10 minutes, I think they’re just ready to see you do the test run.”

“Oh no, I’m going to show you guys how to attach all your gear first, then you can watch me and Toothless ride,” A collective groan rose from the congregation.

After about two hours of strapping, unstrapping, fastening, unfastening, and refastening Hiccup was finally ready to show everyone his mad skills. (without a z because he’s cool like that and can spell)

“Toothless, come here! Are you ready to take to the air buddy?” The night fury excitedly nodded his head and plastered himself to the ground so Hiccup could get on, purring in anticipation.

Behind Hiccup the villagers cheered that they would finally be able to see up close what they had breezed through during the Great Battle.

After some careful thinking Hiccup had decided that the red Viking tail was only supposed to be used in leisure flights, it was too ostentatious to be covert. The rider snapped his harness to his vest, positioned the dragon’s tail into place and went to snap his prosthetic into its clasp.

“Ok Toothless… let’s go-ah!” A dark blur was all the townsfolk saw, but Hiccup felt the slight pull of his weak leg sliding out of its place, having not yet clicked shut.

“Toothless sto-ah!-op! We can’t fly like this!” Well at least his calculations had been right, the new, lighter leather allowed them to move quicker and smoother through the air—but wow! This was quite a speed increase!

He gripped the dark expanse of back and the horn of his saddle, tweaking the tail to start evening out and slowing down. At last, just as they were evening out, he could finally bask in the feeling of the wind in his hair and burning across his eyes yet again. The duo did a few pirouettes, a few spirals, and then the problems started.

The new leather was quicker and more efficient, yes. The new leather was sturdy and elastic-like…not so much.

The chord trapping Hiccup to Toothless eventually snapped at its tensed and stretched place between the two, and much like their first time in the open air together, they both quickly plummeted toward the ocean.

Screams could be heard not only from the two flyers, but also from the enraptured audience they had forgotten about in their enjoyment. From afar they all watched as they grappled towards each other, witnessing the heavier of the two sink faster while Hiccup, still going terrifyingly fast, remained a short distance away, never close enough to get a solid hold on his wayward companion.

“Hiccup!” Stoic finally shouted, jarring everyone out of the shocked trance they had been in. Shouts toward the pair hurtling into the sea followed them until, with a great splash, they disappeared under the water.


Under the Sea

The water was icy, icy cold. It froze his breath where it lay in his lungs, refusing to leave him alone. His own heavy Viking clothing was obviously not meant for swimming either, as it drug him down into the briny deep. Hiccup struggled not to inhale water as all of his air supply leaked into his surroundings—but it was hard! The temperature squeezed it all out of him and he tried to claw his way to the surface, but his vision was getting blurry—how long had he been down here? He had thought only a minute or two but… he was so tired…

He was also being lifted and pulled quickly to the top of the tumultuous waves. Being thrown onto Toothless’s back was not very pleasant, but it beat being under the water. The people’s shouts could still be heard from so far away, very faintly, and Hiccup weakly waved to signal he was alright.

“Toothless… let’s…uh go,” He coughed up some water, feeling wet and chilled to the bone already, “go back to shore… I’m f-fu-fur-freezing!”

Don’t let it be said that dragons are solely built for air, this one at least was very gifted in the water as well and even without a second tail fin was able to paddle the seven or so miles back to shore in under a quarter of an hour.



As soon as they arrived Hiccup was swarmed by people, but first and foremost his father grabbed him by the arms and shook him with all the tenacity of a worried parent of one Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, “What possessed you to fly recklessly like that? Come now Hiccup, surely you’ve flown in tougher conditions than this fine day!”
And it was true; Hiccup would have been hard pressed to find a day more suited to flight than today.

“D-d-dad! I’m fine, but really I’ve taken falls off of Toothless that were much w-w-worse than t-that…could I go inside or something? I’m freezing!” And Hiccup was hustled back to his hut by his father and one or two of the older women who were experienced and had helped the vast man with his son in the past.

Surreptitiously, Stoic the Vast sent another silent thank-you nod to Toothless the Night Fury for once again bringing his son alive—all of him.

Well really I’m much more pleased with this than a few of my other oneshots. Tell me what you think and I could write another HTTYD fanfic in the future :)
I wrote this for this prompt on the STXI kink meme, because I felt bad for freaky_anomaly after her harmless request was swarmed but mega-feminists. I am a woman who very much dislikes nu!Uhura, and I only liked TOS!Uhura some of the time.
Prompt here: http://community.livejournal.com/st_xi_kink/7586.html?thread=19814306#t19814306
I’m terribly sorry its so short, but I’m so afraid of writing sex scenes and I’m not too handy at conversation either… please forgive me.


Recreation Deck

2100 hours

“So let me get this straight,” Uhura lifted her eyes in a thin slant against the Vulcan sitting across from her. “You’re breaking up with me…for him?” This was unbelievable. That womanizing, arrogant, overbearing man had moved on from the ditzy women he seduced on a regular basis to her boyfriend?

“Although our situation may seem bleak Lieutenant Uhura, I hope you will see that my decision to end our relationship is all together a more logical course of direction for the ship. Our relationship has reached a barrier that prevents either of us from accomplishing any more self-fulfilling tasks. I hope you can see the logic in this,” his eyebrows were carefully neutral, and Spock’s face showed even less emotion than usual—which made it all the more painful to bear. Was she not even worth a quirk of that eyebrow? A twitch of the face that she had grown so accustomed to in the short 2 years they had been together?

“Bleak? This is an atrocity Spock! How could you think that he could in any way be even a fraction of what I was to you?” his deep brown eyes flickered down for a nano-second, but she saw. “Were you using me as an outlet Spock? Was I just a stepping stone in you pursuing your ‘research’ of the humans?” Uhura’s voice took a sharp, steely edge to it, cold and filled with anger.

At last her table partner’s brow twitched in irritation, “Do not make assumptions in your hurt, Nyota, what I felt for you was a feeling of great affection, but what I feel for Jim is greater affection. He intrigues me in a way that is seemingly endless, and stimulates my mind to accommodate new ideas that you or I would never have thought of.”

Uhura’s dark eyes flittered up to his again. They held such a myriad of emotions that Spock had to look away: anger, hatred, sadness, but hurt was the most overpowering. He had hurt her with his last words. She, one of his most dear friends and confidants, had been hurt by one callous thing he had said in a moment of weakness.

“Nyota, please forgive m—“

“Shut up Commander,” his mouth clicked shut, and those dark eyes once again raked over her face, devoid of emotion in the most irritating way.

“I think it’s best that you and I split up, obviously I was boring you. We can’t have the Vulcan feeling stupid or trapped in an unfulfilling relationship now can we? I’ll leave you both to it,” and she roughly pushed her chair away from the table, it screeched on the metallic floor and Spock flinched at both the noise and her words.

“Nyota, you’ve misunderstood the meaning of my reasons, please let me ex—“

“You don’t have to explain Spock, I understand quite well. Enjoy your relationship with James T. Kirk while it lasts—because it will end, and when it does, you will positively regret what you’ve done now. So go on your little fantasy. When your little early-midlife-crisis ends, you know where to find me.”

The doors slid shut, not slamming and making nary a sound in the quiet of the night on the USS Enterprise.

Captain’s Quarters

2130 hours

Spock stepped through the doorway deep in thought. Nyota’s last words didn’t trouble him, nor did they cast doubt on his relationship with Jim, but on his continuance of a friendly—or at least professional—relationship with the lieutenant. Her company, though lacking in romantic appeal, was a more than welcome distraction from the daily stress and monotony of work.

“How did she take it Spock?” Jim, his Jim now, sat at the chess table in the corner.

“She was less than accommodating of my news,” Spock stepped over to the table, brushing his hand along Jim’s before setting down opposite of him.

“Well that’s to be expected, you just broke up with her. Did you tell her about us?” Those too blue eyes watched him like a hawk, and were oh-so-innocently blinking owlishly at him.

“It would be illogical not to tell her about ‘us’, Jim, this is one of the primary reasons I terminated our relationship.”

“Well, yeah, I know that, but did you explain to her about everything? You know, your bond and whatnot? The Vulcan thing?”

“I…did not get to that aspect before she had left the Deck in a bad temper.”

“Oh God… this is not going to be a pleasant few months Spock. I hope you know what you just launched yourself into!” Jim grinned and moved a pawn forward, curiously the one in front of his rook. This was not a move Spock could recall Jim having used before. He moved his knight.
“I am aware of that Jim,” the insufferable blond grinned cheekily at him and moved the equivalent pawn forward from his other rook.

“’Kay, just making sure you knew… Hey, if I win this… can I tie you down?”


yeah, tell me how the format ended up on this thing, i had it written on a word doc but forgot but just pasted it in here... so it may look funny.

creative writing

this is my first original story- if anyone reads it im going to be VERY surprised :3

The Trials and Tribulations of Augustine Yelchin

It had been decided. The mirror made her look positively awful. Her usually glossy black hair
looked coarse and disgusting; her normally tan skin wan an unappealing pasty color; and she just looked fat.

Today was supposed to be fabulous. She was supposed to get her diploma from the Interstellar Academy in the mail—it was late. She was supposed to retrieve her ship assignment—which she was late for now.

She quickly finished readying herself and stalked out the door, mindful of all the people in the elevator. On the way down she thought of her cat Lucille, who she had placed in her new carrier the other day to ship to her new locker on whichever ship she was going to. She was nothing special, and good for nothing except company.

She bounded out the elevator and rushed down the stairs. She as really running late, but maybe there was a long line.

No such luck, as soon as she got there she noticed that there were only three or four people milling about, she skipped the steps and slammed the door to the office.

A mere half hour passed and Augustine emerged from the assignment office. She was assigned to the Excalibur NCC-1701. Communications officer. Nothing glamorous, but she was gifted with a very talented tongue for… languages.

The brunette glanced at her authorization marker. Her ship was leaving in 20 minutes! The Excalibur was docked in Space Bay 1500, which was over 4 miles away. She’d have to hail a cab.

Augustine peered down the street and her hand flew up just as a body screamed “Taxi!” from right behind her. Heedless of traffic, the cab pulled over and both adults got inside hurriedly.

“Bay 1500,” They said simultaneously.

As the cab drove off they both breathed a sigh of relief before taking stock of their new cell mate.

He was a hulking figure with a playful countenance. His eyes were a strange cerulean and most certainly did not glitter with laughter from underneath scraggly brown hair. His hand was stretched and he was saying something.

“…Anyway I’m Tiv Shatner. Sorry I stole your cab.” He finished.

Today was not a good day to be a Yelchin, trapped in a cab with a male who wanted to shake her hand. Touch her. The germs. She fist bumped awkwardly and introduced herself.

“I’m Augustine Yelchin. I guess its actually both our cab now; are you headed to the Docks too?” She asked him.

“Yeah, Excalibur’s leaving soon. I’ve been assigned to the ship for about two weeks, but my slob of a roomie drives me insane- and now I’m late.” He laughed good-naturedly.

What good luck! “You’re on the Excalibur too?”

“Yeah! Cool, I don’t feel too bad about stealing the cab anymore.”

They chatted for a while before the taxi slowed and they stepped out. Augustine offered to pay, but Tiv insisted they go…Dutch.

As they prepared to board the shuttle that would take them to the ship, its doors slammed shut and it’s warning light flared on. A rumbling noise overhead caught their attention—the ship was rotating and its warp engines were warming up.

“No!” Augustine yelled, but the ship was on its way to the interstellar station—the moon.

“We have to get there! If they find out we’re not on that ship we’ll be discharged.” Tiv hit his hand against the guard rail, and Augustine nodded obstinately. Together they ran to a shuttlecraft preparing to disembark.

Tiv banged on the foot thick glass window, and somebody opened the door, “What do you want? We’re clearing out in a few minutes just like I told you two minutes ago,” a balding, sweaty man griped at them from the dark interior.

“We’ve missed our ship, could you give us a ride?” Augustine pleaded, using her giant eyes as a begging tool. He looked as if he were going to refuse, but he shook his head a gestured vaguely inside.

“Find a spare seat. We’re pulling out now. Where are your authorization passes?” He held out his hand impatiently and they put the thin slips of laminated paper into it. He looked at them and grinned.

“The Excalibur eh? You just missed her. Don’t worry, once she gets to the I.S. they have to fit her for supplies, I still don’t know why they don’t just do that here on Earth,” He shook his head and ducked into the cockpit.

Augustine found herself sighing for the second time that day in relief and sat back with Tiv while the shuttle fired into the atmosphere.

“So what do you do on the ship?” Tiv settled his gaze on her.

“I’m a communications officer,” She grinned, “And what do you do?”


“Oh so you know where all the entrances and exits are? You could get us back in without anyone knowing?”

“Hypothetically? Yes. Practically? There’s a very slim chance there won’t be at least one person where we go in.”

“I can work with that.” She laughed and jolted as the craft made a not-so-smooth landing.

“That’s our stop,” The doors opened and Tiv jumped out eagerly into the space station. She followed a little slower and they jogged over to the viewing board with posting of where ships were docked.

“Gate 917, let’s go,” Augustine led their charge over to the gate, switching places with Tiv so he could access the enclosed doorway. It was still zipping itself open by the time they were inside; Tiv punched in the locking code and it flashed shut.

“We lucked out,” He said unnecessarily.

“Yeah, we did,” She agreed just as a computer’s voice rang through the whole ship.

“Please return to your stations, supplying has been completed and we are now ready embark on our five year mission. Remember to log your hours correctly, and check in with the Quarter Master on Deck 7. Have a lovely day,” Her pleasant, monotone voice faded out.

“Well I guess we should check in…” She hesitated.

“Yeah… hey you wanna meet up during rec time? We can get coffee or something,” Tiv asked shyly.

Now inter-office relationships are usually frowned upon by society, but she saw no harm in it this time. He was, after all, a security officer, and she was a communications officer—their paths would rarely cross if they had never met in the first place.

A Quiet Night At Home Spock/Kirk

So I just saw the movie for the first time (lol my mom bought it for me 3 months ago and wouldn’t give it to me) and I saw like SO many references to Kirk/Spock, it’s like so easy to pick out the either pre-slash or slash vibes just like melting off the movie xD.

So I’m all like ‘I should quit being lazy and write something, and it should be all awesome and whatnot.’ And that is how I’m on this quest, to create the awesomeness that will implode your mind, and/or suck it into a black hole with red matter technology. Here is my attempt.

I am also using http://www.starbase-10.de/vld/ for some Vulcan translations, and I might use T’hy’la, or I might use ashayam, because it says that is similar to t’hy’la, but with a more personal feel, and with emotional connotations, so I think it’s a little more appropriate for a romantic entanglement :D

i looked at the structure of this thing before i uploaded it, and it was all like (to me) "oh-shit-huge-tornado-paragraphs" and I know i don't like it when things are all bunched together, because it makes me dizzy lol, so i think it looks ok, help me out on that though mkay?


Spock and Jim’s Shared Quarters

2230 hours

Normal POV

Spock’s mouth quirked as he felt Jim come up behind him. They had been rooming together for about 7 months, and had been dating for a year before coming to the decision to move in together, and he hadn’t regretted it at all, and if their earlier meld was anything to trust- and it was, because Vulcans’ calculations and/or assumptions were hardly ever incorrect- then his partner obviously felt the same.

“Hey you, it’s called off shift for a reason.” He grinned at his tall companion, but didn’t make a move to take away his work like he would normally if he was feeling ignored so he responded in kind, “It is only logical to do what I could not accomplish during my shift while off duty so I will not be left, as you humans say, ‘in the dust’ by my own procrastination.”

Jim laughed quietly at him, something he did quite frequently, because he found Spock’s apparent workaholism amusing- even if it was detrimental to healthy communications between a romantic couple, but they had had no issues that were forthcoming, nor bothering them at that point in time, so everything was fine.

“You’re probably working four months ahead of everyone else as it is, in fact, you’re the one leaving everyone else in the dust, making my crew look bad.” Spock had grown used to the blondes antics by now and could tell he was joking even before he leaned in and gave the Vulcan a quick peck on the forehead for his trouble.

“On the contrary, I am only three point six weeks ahead of the crew, and that is largely due to the fact that I am a Vulcan and require—““Yeah, yeah, I know, less sustenance and sleep, but it’s also because you’re a stubborn little bastard who refuses to take some R&R.” He nuzzled his face in the juncture between Spock’s shoulder and neck before planting a kiss there too, and wrapping his arms around his neck from behind still.

“I believe I have notified you 34 times now, Jim, my parents were married at the time of my birth. You have continued to call me this though.” That earned him a smack on the arm and a mumbled ‘smartass’.

He received no response from the human and he inclined his head slightly to see Jim with his eyes closed and just resting his face on Spock’s neck and shoulder, “Jim, are you alright? If you are tired you should try to sleep.” The cerulean eyes opened into slits as a fond smile came across his mate’s features, “M’fine babe, just cuddling a little, that alright?"

“Perfectly. You might want a more comfortable position though; I would not appreciate you losing consciousness on our floor. Let me assist you.” He pulled Jim around until he was standing in front of him, and then he must have taken the hint because he sat himself down in his counterpart’s lap.

Jim situated himself until he was straddling Spock, and then leaned forward to wrap his arms around his neck and resumed his previous position, with his head angled inward towards Spock’s face. Spock casually curved his non-writing arm around the other’s waist to anchor him there.

They sat there for quite a while, Spock doing his work and Jim practically drooling on his willing shoulder, it wasn’t until 0100 hours that Spock looked up and noticed that it was well past working time, it was now cutting into personal time. Seeing as it had been a fairly difficult week, it was no surprise that Jim was resting now, and Spock was actually feeling the results himself. He was kind of tired too, maybe they would just have a quiet night at home tonight.

With his one hand he put all his working materials into their proper spots, and then he carefully lifted Jim and himself out of the chair, Jim, though obviously asleep, was mumbling into his neck and enveloping him in his legs. He carried him back to the bed and pulled off Jim’s gold over-shirt and boots before pulling his own off and pushing both himself and Jim under the covers.

Mmmmm, Spock, whatcha doin’?” the sleepy chatter prompted Spock to pull his lover closer to him, his mouth twitching slightly when Jim curved to fit to his side, snuggling into his arm and throwing a leg over his own. “We are going to bed now Ashayam, we are both running on insufficient energy supplies and we have alpha shift at 0800 hours.” Kirk shoved himself impossibly closer, “Oh. M’kay. I’m goin’ back to sleep then. G’night, love you.” Spock paused slightly to translate the garbled sleep talk, “I love you too T’hy’la.”


Well then, how did that go everyone? I love reviews, their like candy to my soul xD

Truth or Dare

Disclaimer: I do not own this! just this part of sexytimes.

Well for some reason, I was reading Stolen by TrekkieGirl12 on fanfiction.net, and I got the image of the crew playing truth or dare (just a skeletal bridge crew, you know, the REAL people, and a few clueless ensigns) and…things…happen between Bones and Jim.

So here I am trying again to make some hard T action get going, because im too much of a wimp to do actual M shit yet- silly me, can read all the sexytimes I want and can’t write them for fear my face will implode in a fiery mass of embarrassment xD.

Also I am not to be blamed for mispronunciation of people accents, also, im estimating a lot of things people xD so if you must, pretend this is an AU of sorts for all the things I put in here

Here we go


Really, it was Richards’s fault.

They had all been on the bridge, minding their own business, and when Alpha shift ended they were all called down by engineering to “Have some good ol’ fun, iffn’ yer not scared” as a certain Scotsman had put it. It just so happened this “fun” was called truth or dare, and it was the single most deadly game in history.

Now, nearly everyone knew about the captain and CMO’s relationship- at least, that’s what they thought. But, apparently, a few ensigns did not know, and, consequently, could not be held accountable for their actions…or reactions.

It had all started as harmless jokes on one of the more vacant observation decks. Sulu, Chekov, Uhura, Spock, Nurse Chapel, Scotty, the good doctor, and the captain all sat around giving each other meaningless requests or questions, as well as a certain trio of idiots also known as Ensigns Richards, Reynolds, and Main.

They started out as simple things, truly.

A Question from Jim to Spock: “Exactly how logical is it that Uhura wear make-up on a daily basis, Mr. Spock?”

“Quite logical, I believe. If she did not, then she perhaps would not be held in such high esteem by her counterparts.” After a look from her, he added, as hastily as a Vulcan can get, “But for me I see no reason why she should have to try to look better than she does, it must not be an easy task.”

A dare for Chekov from Sulu: “Play the next full round in your underwear, Pavel.”

Yet another Question from Jim but this time to Scotty: “Your lover has been magically transformed into an animal, and the only way to restore your lover is to mate with them. Here's the question: Which animal would cause you the least psychological damage?”

To the absolutely aghast look from Scotty, amid the uproarious laughter of the crew, he said, “Well, it would have to be something not… dangerous… or spiky, so probably a lizard, just ‘acause I probably won’t feel it.”

And a question from Uhura to Bones: “What is the stupidest thing you and Jim have done together?”

Bones pondered for a minute, “Well, besides the whole sneaking him onto this tin can and nearly losing my job, I think it would have to be our second year at Star Fleet whenever he actually got me drunk enough that I agreed to streak all through campus with him- all 15 square miles of it.”

Jim had grinned quite broadly at that.

But, after all of these harmless things that went on, of course somebody had to blow it with a sexual dare- disreqarding the underwear dare, that damn Richards opened his mouth.

“Captain, I dare you to tongue kiss Dr. McCoy for 4 minutes” all of them there were, by this time, quite inebriated, but even so, those three ensigns seemed to be the only ones who didn’t know that this wouldn’t bother the pair- except maybe Bones, for excessive PDA- and were likewise getting quite strange looks from the rest of the crew assembled.

But Jim took it all in stride, and he shrugged, grinned, and pulled Leonard against him by the back of his neck, and they proceeded to have goddamn mouth sex in front of a good portion of the senior officers.

Tongues passed in and out of shared caverns, saliva was exchanged, a little position change happened (with Bones on top of course), and they didn’t stop until told to by Uhura and Chapel, quite hurriedly, after approximately 6 and a half minutes.

Bones face screwed up as they separated, “Just how much shit have you drank, Jim? I can fucking taste it on your tongue.”

“Hey, you’re one to talk, I could taste it on you too—“ “That was you too.” “Oh…”

McCoy rolled his eyes and turned to Chapel, “I think its time we went back to our quarters, he’s obviously had too much if I’ve gauged it right- which I think I have, one person is not supposed to taste just like scotch. Goodnight all.” He dragged Kirk off and back to their quarters with only a barely heard protest from their captain, “BONES, we were playing a game! We can’t just leave the good people there to fend for themselves—“ it was abruptly cut off as the sound of lips smacking could be heard, along with a gruff, “Shut up darlin’.”

The ones left behind we’re giggling- except Spock, because Vulcans did not giggle, they laughed hysterically on the inside- except for three, lone, stunned ensigns.

10 music meme

nix_this, you started something horrible great, i just couldnt stop thinking about all those prompts just waiting in my mp3 xD bt, its decidedly "caught the gay" because it wouldnt stop doing the love songs, with the odd hilarious one thrown in there :)

1)      Love will find a way – Lion King

Jim loved Bones. His Bones. Before he had met Bones, he had wandered through life just “having a ball” with whatever moved. Bones made everywhere home, wherever they were, as long as they were there together. And since love was always a correct assumption, no matter what the rest of the world thought –how odd it was they were together- he knew they were meant to be together.

2)      I am not a whore – LMFAO


No matter what Jim’s record said, McCoy always knew that he wasn’t as easy as everyone thought, he had standards at least. Like, sometimes he asked if they had diseases, but it usually wasn’t required because he had Bones to help fix him up, and, hey, they had to at least be decent looking.

                Look at the amount of time it took McCoy to seduce the bastard! Granted, they were the best of friends before either of them noticed the other as a romantic option, but you know, they had each other now and that’s what mattered.

3)      Broken Road – Rascall Flatts

They had started a long way away from each other, with many different challenges along the way. McCoy had started in Georgia, had married a conniving bitch from the lowest depths of Hades known to the unearthly, went through a nasty divorce, and then joined the military.

Jim had started in Space, of all places –and would most likely end there, if he was truthful- was neglected and abused as a child and consequently didn’t know what the hell true, lasting love was when he found it, and had dazzled his way through scores of partners (male, female, and species of the similarity), and had gotten himself thrown into the military.

But, somehow, they met and, through the scattered forks of messy pathways, they conjured a broken road. Better than anything either could remember, anyway.

4)      You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban

Every time Jim went down, every time Bones went down, the other was there. To pick up the pieces, they were obviously stronger together than without. In a twisted way, Jim helped Bones be a better doctor because he was constantly getting practice with him, and Jim got relationship help and a little growing up from Bones every time he was lectured and every time they kissed or spent time together.

5)      The Real Slim Shady – Eminem

Jim was his own kind of real, Leonard could barely believe this guy was for real- a fucking Andorian? That was sexual prowess, if he had ever seen it. And just the sheer number of damn shenanigans he got into. Just how in does one person get a bottle cap embedded there? Good God, this was certainly not good for his health. But he was also one of the smartest people he had ever come to love, passing Jocelyn by light years, not just book smart, either. A strategist at heart, and a sneaking, word twisting deviant when he wanted to be… and McCoy loved him.

6)      Simple Enough – NeverShoutNever


Jim was in love. With his best friend. He would take Bones everywhere. Including planetside, where both of them could contract some weird sex pollen stuff. He would never let him get away, that’s for sure. Not when he could get this fantastic sex and the guy’s heart!


7)      Numa Numa – O-zone (good thing I know the English version)


“Let’s face it. Both our world are boring without each other,” point blank, just like Jim to startle him from his PADD. Bones jumped, “Your point?” he asked, he put his assignment down, he needed full attention for this apparently.


“Well, when you’re not with me, it’s like, my world just loses flavor or something, loses it color, you know?” he continued, “And I think you feel the same,” McCoy made a face, but before he could say anything Jim cut in, “- if you don’t I’ll cry, I swear.” Leonard laughed as Jim pouted.

                “Fine, my world is dull without you in it too, darlin’.” Jim smiled at him, “I love you Bones,” “Love you too, Jim.”

8)      I hate everything about you – three days grace


They fought a lot, but they always come back. Every room reminded them of the other. They hated some stubborn qualities about them, but they loved them too much to let it tear them apart. Sure, some blows might not be as easy to repair as others, but they would be repaired, and always would be. Love triumphs all, isn’t that right?


9)      Take me or Leave me – RENT

Jim attracted attention since he could walk. His name was one of the reasons, and then he got a double-take for his nearly obscene looks. He was gorgeous, and Leonard knew everyone was tempted by him, but damn it, Jim was his, and nobody had the right to touch him. He knew it was hard for Jim, because it was natural for him to be promiscuous, but he could learn, if he could teach Ensign Patrick how to tie his damn shoes he could teach Jim how to be monogamous- he just had to remember, monogamy didn’t have to be monotony.

Bones loved order, and he always followed through; he hated mess, but he loved Jim. He was going to take him for his possessiveness and his over-protectiveness and he was going to like it damn it. He was a lover not a fighter.

10)   Must be doing something right – Billy Currington


Jim confused the hell out of McCoy. Sometimes he was all for sex –two or three rounds- and others he just wanted to be held, and Len was fine with that too. He must have been doing something right when he just came in and kissed him like every day, or maybe he was just in the mood, because Bones got some really, really good sex that night. He didn’t know what he did to earn this relationship, but maybe it had just been a coin toss for fate that he ended up with Jim, but he was so happy it was him.

This is from the episode “Who ya gonna call?” And its from normal POV but mostly from a sort of Gus perspective (i.e., its in 3rd person), before they go on the road trip to talk to the dudes ex-girlfriend, so I think ill put it inside Gus’s apartment, this is also a drabble, so don’t cry to me about length :D


Warnings for hint at sex, a few cuss words, and just slashy goodness, because apparently, a slash relationship is better than a straight one because it gets a higher rating XD


Disclaimer: seriously? I don’t own this, and if I did, James Roday would not be allowed to kiss anyone but me!!! Lol






“Where did that come from?” Gus asked, he looked a little queasy- either from the fact that by the look on Shawn’s face, he thought he was just cheated on, or that he got kissed by a ghost, Shawn did not know.


“Don’t look at me, I’m not the one with lipstick on my face.” His voice was accusing, with a hidden sentiment that they would talk later, and it wouldn’t be pretty.






“Oh come one, Gus! You don’t actually expect me to believe that a ghost kissed you? You walk away for ten minutes, how am I supposed to know that you didn’t go kiss some harlot? That is utterly ridonculous Gus, and you know it!” Shawn was mad, no question, but what other people didn’t notice about him that Gus did, was that when his not-in-the-slightest-exclusive boyfriend was angry, he was frightening- very, very frightening.


His normally bright, expressive blue eyes were a dark, stormy grey; the dip in his face where his eyes rested was shadowed and the rest was a dark red as he yelled at poor Gus.


“Shawn I swear that I did not kiss some ‘harlot’, I love you! You know I love you! What would be my reason to cheat? Do I look like a cheater? I was away for ten minutes checking the doors and windows, which, by the way, were all locked from the inside- so only a ghost could have done this, and I did not venture outside if you recall.”


He did recall, but Shawn just didn’t know what to think, he knew nobody could get in, he knew nobody had gotten in, he knew that ghost’s didn’t exist, and he knew that neither he nor Robert had kissed Gus.


But damn, he couldn’t figure out how Gus got the kissy mark!


“Ok, Shawn, take a breath, you know I didn’t cheat don’t you?”


“…yeah,” His answer was a quiet admittance, he knew, and he was sorry for yelling, but Spencers didn’t do apologies, at least, not the deep kind, like this qualified for.


“So, when we solve the case, you can pummel who-ever violated my forehead in my sleep.”

“…No more fighting? But I was just getting my pissy look into gear!” His Shawn was back, smiling and walking towards him, all was forgiven, fight short-lived, and brought down with a spear. Oh yeah, he totally went Sweeney Todd on that fight’s ass.


Gus hummed in the back of his throat as he hugged Shawn to him, arms circled around his neck as his own went around a slim waist. They kissed, hands on his neck gripped his head and pulled him closer, his hands traveled of their own accord down to Shawn’s lower, more picturesque feature, and gripped lightly, one moving to grab his thigh to hold him there.


They had been due for a not-quite-make-out session for a while now, shame that it took a fight to get to it, in Gus’s opinion anyway. Open-mouthed kisses, tongues playing in foreign mouths, a hot guy in his grasp, being all jealous of him and some apparition- today was a good day.


It got even better when Shawn started backing them towards his room, make-up sex was always good- but, then again, making up with Shawn in general usually worked out for him on the better side of things.




So I have never broken T rating (yet, ill work up my courage to do that some other time) I don’t think I did this time, seems pretty good to me anyway, tell me what you think, tell me of any good Gus/Shawn stories if you want to bless me ;D toodles!